Location Factors

A Globally Competitive, Business Friendly Location

Estonia consistently scores highly as a business friendly location, ranking #21 in the Ease of Doing Business and #34 in the Global Competitiveness reports 2013. Policy making and regulation is consistent across governments and economic cycles, supported by a commitment to transparency, low levels of red tape and minimal government or union intervention 

Estonia’s modern infrastructure is supported by high levels of e-commerce and e-government adoption, meaning most services and returns can be conducted online, in turn providing transparency, resource efficiencies and agility.

As a full EU and Eurozone member Estonia enjoys harmonized legal and currency conditions with a single market of over 500m persons, providing strong enforcement of contracts and protection of intellectual property. Estonian business culture is highly influenced by its Nordic heritage. Modern and practical in its nature, great emphasis is placed upon transparency, simplicity and reaching goals in an efficient manner.

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