Technologically Advanced Business Platform

A Modern IT And Physical Business Platform

Estonia committed to technology as a key economic and social development driver in the early 1990’s and today ranks #22 in the Global IT Report 2013; enjoys full coverage by high speed digital and wireless telecommunication networks and free internet access as a norm.

World class IT infrastructure is supported by practical application. High levels of e-commerce and e-government adoption mean most services and returns can be conducted online, in turn providing transparency, resource efficiencies and agility.

Estonia is also home to a vibrant start-up scene; world class cloud computing, financial technology and cyber security providers and IT Shared Services centers of world class organisations such as the EU, NATO and Kuhne & Nagel.

Estonia also benefits from a range of business premises, including modern A-class office accommodation; stable legal and regulatory frameworks and a range of professional advisors from full service global firms to local specialists.