Bright People

A Skilled, Experienced and Productive Workforce

Estonia benefits from labour costs which are significantly lower than in Western Europe and other regions, providing immediate savings for investors.

Estonia’s proposition is based on effectiveness however. Estonian workers are recognised for their commitment and value added, ranking #8 for Pay & Productivity in the Global Competitiveness Report 2013, significantly higher than peer locations.

Moreover, Estonian workers are highly skilled. In addition to their native tongue the Nordic, English, German and Russian languages are widely used in business. A strong primary and secondary education system also ensure competence in core subjects such as Maths and Science.

Last but not least is the attractive labour market. As an established Treasury and Shared Services location there is a pool of relevant experience available. Estonia also benefits from a highly flexible, non-unionised labour market, ranking #10 for Labour Market Efficiency in the Global Competitiveness Report 2013.