Hüpoteeklaen AS (www.hypoteeklaen.ee) was founded in 2009 when the real estate market and the Estonian economy was at a standstill and getting a loan was particularly difficult. Our solution is a mortgage loan, or a loan secured by real estate. The founders of Hüpoteeklaen are Estonian people with a long, thorough background in real estate and banking, who believe that real estate is a very valuable asset in every economic environment, that real estate is an investment. And if the means invested in real estate need to be converted into cash temporarily and very urgently, then this is what a mortgage loan is for – loans secured by real estate.

Hüpoteeklaen is the market leader of the sector. We are focused on funding liquid collaterals, which largely determines our preferred regions of operations – also indicated by the locations of our offices in biggest Estonian cities – Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Narva.

We offer our products elsewhere in Estonia as well, but we are more conservative in making our decisions.

We also use our long-term competence in assessing the real estate surety provided – most of the loan sureties are assessed by ourselves at the time of issuing a loan, and we do not charge a fee for this.

Great yield for investors. Hüpoteeklaen has financed its operations with the means of the owners of the company, bank loans, issue of bonds, and funds of private investors. We have been able to provide an excellent yield to funds involved from private investors, banks and bond holders.

Hüpoteeklaen is a transparent company with a clear structure, our financial figures have been audited by the international auditing firm Ernst & Young since 2010; we have constantly used solicitors from the Sorainen office as our legal advisors.

We have always preferred to contract services from top specialists of the field!

Operating licence in 2016. Since the start of 2016, the issue of consumer credit became a licenced activity in Estonia. Hüpoteeklaen was one of the first to receive an operating licence from the Financial Supervision Authority in early 2016.  We are committed to ensuring that clients of other loan firms can demand for terms of contract that comply with the law – rate of fines for delay, possible additional expenses, expenses for terminating the contract prematurely, etc. Our goal is to maintain the good reputation of creditors, by creating an example with our activities.