OÜ is an entity aiming to facilitate and extend the realm of the sector that provides finances for enterprises.

We bring together the small-scale investor and the capital-seeking project.

This is an opportunity for us to enhance business/entrepreneurship in Estonia and communicate this faculty to Europe in the fashion that invites finances back home or locally upholds the resources.

While banks and investment institutions as a rule do not fund/finance minute or commencing companies, we render an alternative for capital seekers.

Our strategic goal is to launch a concerted/corporate financing portal handling both credit loan and equity (shareholders’ capital) investments. Currency is/funds are guided to enterprises applicable for the set criteria.

We wish to unite small-scale investors and build their acknowledgment of the possibility to involve their investments in enterprises at an early stage in their development.

Ülikooli 8, 51003 Tartu

+372 55 511 219