Nordea Group will make an investment for new entity in Estonia

The largest Nordic financial group Nordea invests in Estonia with the creation of a new support unit (Nordea Operations Centre) in Tallinn. The new unit provides support services for the entire Nordea group from Estonia, creating many new jobs for highly skilled experts. The new unit is expected to start work in the spring of next year.

Olavi Pakkonen, Head of Operations Baltic countries, said that with the investment the Bank also recognizes the stability and capacity of Nordea Estonia on the market, where today we have operated for twenty years: “The new unit created in Estonia will support the daily operations of the group which today employs nearly 30,000 people. The bank’s decision is also a sign of trust in the professional competence and high quality of the Estonian workforce.”

The new unit will launch activities in the spring of 2016. The exact scope of investment and number of new jobs will be clarified within the next year.

“The Group’s new unit will provide support services for all the Nordea Group’s business units and functions. Typical tasks of the unit are related to the processing of various products within the bank. The exact functions to be managed in Tallinn is yet to be specified, ” added Pakkonen.

New operations unit of Nordea Group in Tallinn will provide additional support to already existing operation centres in Poland, where a total of nearly 1000 people are employed.