Program Day 1

FinanceEstonia International Forum 17.June, 2014 

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia, Tallinn

9:00 Opening statement
                   Anne Sulling, Minister of Foreign Trade and Entrepreneurship of Estonia
                   Aare Tammemäe, Chairman of the Board, FinanceEstonia
9:15 Plenary Session:
How are the markets important to Estonia developing and how is the co-operation between Estonia and those markets evolving?
– What are the developments of the markets that are important to Estonia?
–  What kind is and could be the co-operation between Estonia and these markets?
–  How does regulation and supervision in EU affect these developments?

John Moran, Secretary General, Department of Finance, Republic of Ireland
Andres Sutt, Head of Banking at European Stability Mechanism
André Küüsvek, Director of Local Currency and Capital Markets Development, EBRD


10:15 Break    


Estonia – pearl or supercharged engine of regional T&SS Centres?
– How could one boost Estonia as a location for T&SSC??
– Is Human Capital border-less?
– Cultural similarity vs labor cost in location decisions?
– E-country – how to market this value?

Mart Ambur, Head of IT Center Tallinn at Kühne+Nagel
Kristiina Koel, Head of Accounting Centre at Orkla
Richard Liebrechts, Director at Oxford Intelligence
Erlend Sild, Treasury & Shared Services Area Head, FinanceEstonia
10:45 Parallel Session 1: PRE-SEED & SEED INVESTORS
Crowdfunding disrupting the investment industry in the region
– Who are the main players, how do they position themselves and what are their plans regarding Estonia?
– Is crowdfunding really disrupting the investment industry and how?
– Who are considered to be the “enemies” and partners in the seed investment industry?
– How accelerators and angels see crowdfunding?
– What could be the value added chain to startups ?
– Which is the best working model not to ruin startup who needs next round of investments as well?
– Legal responsibility? Is platform liable for something? Due diligence?

Lasse Mäkelä, Co-Founder and CEO of Invesdor Oy
Paulo Andrez, Business Angel, President Emeritus, EBAN
Norris Koppel, CEO, Monese
Mike Reiner, StartUp WiseGuys, CEO
Henri Laupmaa, Founder, Fundwise


12:00 Parallel Session 2: FUND ADMINISTRATION
Tallinn as regional fund-hub: consolidating local flow for efficiency and distribution access
– What is needed to extend the depth and diversity of of local and regional fund managers operating in Tallinn?
– Can nearshoring and fund administration initiative transform the industry ecosystem? What do our neighbours think?
– How could Tallinn fit into European Union fund domicile/fund administration nexus?

Andrei Podoinitsõn, Member of the Board, INFINiTUM Asset Services
Yves Lacroix, Partner at Arendt & Medernach
Fredric Blommé Sekund, Vice President, Head of Structures & Solutions at Swedbank Securities Services
Jan Forsbom, CEO, Northern Star AS
Reimo Hammerberg, Partner at Sorainen
12:00 Parallel Session 2: BUSINESS ANGELS
Angel Packed Startups & Early Exits
– How to deal with mixed interests and feelings of investors and founders?
– From the angels point of view;
– From the founder’s point of view;
– From the next round VC investor point of view.

Nigel Davies, Managing Director and founder of Wyn River Limited
Bernard Xavier, Partner at Mangrove
Riku Asikainen, FiBAN
Rumman Syed, CEO, Crystalsol GmbH
Andrei Korobeinik, Member of the Board, EstBAN


13:15 Lunch          


14:15 Parallel Session 3: PRIVATE BANKING
What are the Challenges and Transformation of the Private Banking Industry?
– What are the main changes and recent developments in PB industry?
– What is the impact of regulations for the industry? What will be the future of Swiss PB market?
– Will the consolidations and acquisitions continue in 2014/2015?
– What would be the opportunities for Estonia concerning the trend that capital is looking for new destination?
– Will the trend continue in capital flow from offshore to onshore?
– What are the main changes in customers expectations?
– Will recovery of customers risk appetite continue in coming years?

Alina Nazarova, Nomos Bank, Head of Private Banking
Hendrik Geldenhuys, UBS
Gunnar Toomemets, Private Banking Area Head, FinanceEstonia
Jari Pulkkinen, Member of the Management Team Norther Europe, Bank J.Safra, Sarasin Ltd.
14:15 Parallel Session 3: VENTURE CAPITAL
GPs Value Proposition for European Venture– What has changed in the European venture capital scene in the last years for the VC industry, for high-growth innovative companies, for LPs?
– How sustainable/disrupted venture capital industry will be in 10 years – the term of recently raised funds?
– What sectors/companies are European VCs targeting? Are there truly European VCs/models anymore?
– What are the winning strategies of European VC vs US or rapidly developing markets?
– What are the next hot sectors European VCs are looking at? Why does Nordic/Baltic attract you?

Pekka Santeri Mäki, Managing Partner, 3TS
Timo Tirkkonen, Partner, Inventure
Margus Uudam, Chairman of the Board, EstVCA
Allan Martinson, Managing Partner, MTVP
15:30 Parallel Session 4: FINTECH
What can global IT-leader achieve in FinTech?
– What does financial industry consumer really want?
– What are the newest disruptions in FinTech industry?
– How do these affect the way finance works?
– Is there a chance for “old” and “new” to play together?
– What are the niches and industries Estonia could play or is playing an important role?

Margus Simson, Entrepreneur in Ziraff, Financial IT Area Head, FinanceEstonia
Nasir Zubairi, Principal of New Buckland
Rain Rannu, Founder of Fortumo


15:30 Parallel Session 4: PRIVATE EQUITY
The Limited Partner Perspective
– Winning fundraising strategies: Must have terms, building trust, evaluating unproven managers, role of government backed funds etc.
– Are LP-s pushing harder to get concessions from fund managers before investing?
– How much GP-s are willing to negotiate to get commitments?
– Are LP-s facing more scrutiny from investment committees and how has it affected commitments to GP-s?
– What are the next hot sectors/regions that LP-s are targeting
– What are the opportunities seen in CEE/Nordics/Baltics?
– Where do LP-s see the region in terms of current and future portfolio allocation?

Heidi Kakko, Board Member of EstVCA
Troy Weeks, Senior Banker, Equity Funds at EBRD
Silja Saar, CEO at Danske Capital Estonia
Hannu Iiskola, Chief Investment Officer at eQ Private Equity


16:45 Networking and drinks        


17:00 Closure of the Day One
19:00 Gala Dinner at Song Festival Grounds